Full description of the equipment and prices here.


Table 1 - Prices for single eqiupment from table 3 for 60 min / lv




Table 2 - Birthday package

VR EscapeVRER2501h 30m8VRE1
10VRER, ASVG, RC3202h 30m10VRE, VRP1
10XLVRER, ASVG, RC, FTNT3602h 30m10VRE, VRP, Nintendo1
Nintendo LaboNintendo Labo3502h 30m12Nintendo2
15VRER, ASVG, RC4202h 30m15VRE, VRP2
15XLVRER, ASVG, RC, FTNT4602h 30m15VRE, VRP, Nintendo2
20XLVRER, ASVG, RC, FTNT5002h 30m20VRE, VRP, Nintendo3
30XLVRER, ASVG, RC, FTNT6002h 30m30VRE, VRP, Nintendo4
VRER: Escape Room in VR
NL: Nintendo Labo
FTNT: Fortnite
ASVRG: Asymmetrical VR Games
RC: Racing

VRE: Dedicated room for Escape ROOM in VR
VRP: VR Party Room
Nintendo: Nintendo Room (Nintendo Labo (7-9 age) or other Nintendo Switch games (FORTNITE)

Table 3 - Available equipment in

Room equipment
1Party roomNintendo Wii
2VR RoomOculus Rift Touch controllers
2VR RoomHTC Vive
3VR Fit RoomOculus Rift Logitech G27 racing seat
3VR Fit RoomKinetic Bike Trainer with Corratec Mountain bike
4Parent room