Teamplay.zone is virtuality reality club. A place where you will find the latest virtual reality technology and innovations, a place where we challange you, your communication skills, speed, logical and mathematical thinking, team spirit and desire to win.

Teamplay.zone is and more than escape room. The escape room mania, that captured the world a few years ago, successfully working for more than three years in Bulgaria as well. Now it’s time for something new and different. Teamplay.zone is an escape room, but using vittual reality technologies it differs.

WHAT THE GAME IS “Keep talking and nobody explodes”
“Keep talking and nobody explodes” is a VR game where the team, consisting usually of two to six players, has a limited amount of time to be able to deactivate the bomb and to win.

Do I need special knowledge and playing skills for “Keep talking and nobody explodes”
All you need is to concentrate and be communicative with others, have a fun. In Teamplay.zone not needed physical force or special knowledge but team spirit, observation and logical thought.


Along with the latest technological solutions for virtual reality of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, you can enjoy the classic Family Games Nintendo Wii (particularly suitable for our younger guests under the age of 12 years).

Lovers of cycling in rainy or icy winter days can exercise a real mountain cycling. Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart controller and Zwift your app is transferred to beautiful places in the world where “cycling” is not only healthy, but also very fun and intriguing.

Motor sport fans, who want to exercise their driving skills can get behind the wheel Logitech G27. Project CARS and City Car Driving are amongst the titles at this corner, runnung on the most powerful gaming PC as of April 2017 (the latest Ryzen 1070x CPU from AMD and GTX 1080 Ti GPU by NVidia)

How many rooms in the Teamplay.zone?

Party / Game Room. Capacity up to 20 guests. The hall is suitably equipped for the teams in the game “Defuse the Bomb”, for those who want to have fun with friends in the game Nintendo Wii, for all parties and birthdays. The hall has a projector and Wi-Fi Audio. Here is the favorite place of all -osvezhavasht corner consumption of food and beverages.

VR (Virtual Reality) room. Capacity up to 2 guests. Equipped with two virtual reality systems: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

VF (Virtual Fit) room. Capacity up to 2 guests. Equipped with two systems: Kinetic Rock and Roll smart bicycle simulator and Logitech G27 wheel

Are the kids allowed to play VR?
Children are always welcome in Teamplay.zone, our only condition is that all parties to the age of 12 to be accompanied by an adult. We comply with the recommendations of the HMD vendors, so for younger children offering interactive entertainment, combining classic games like Nintendo Wii with the latest titles for 2017.

How can we make a reservation?

Use booking form, or contact us by phone or use Facebook to reach us.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Please cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your gameif needed.