About us

We are an enthusiastic team with the mission to present and immerse you in the world of virtual reality. We have transformed our hobby into our profession – lighted up by the virtual reality we decided to make the latest VR technologies available to all, by paying special attention to our guests. We offer a full range of VR experiences – static, dynamic individual and team challenges. We have 4 VR rooms.
If you have already passs an escape room with us, it is no problem to visit us again because we are constantly updating our gaming base and we could present new and new offers in one place.
We don’t make compromise on hardware, our rooms are equipped with the latest technology:

  • Head Mounted Displays: HTC VIVE, OCULUS Rift
  • VR titles: STEAM
  • Wireless sound: SONOS

They are updated periodically.

Do you think you can escape from our rooms? If so, come and make your sign up now!


We start new season at new addres, Mladost 1, Nikola Genadiev 5G Str. More than 200 sq.m area, two independant party halls, entirelly new design.

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