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Резултат с изображение за invoker

InVokeR is a Great Game With Friends

inVokeR is a one versus one wizard dueling game for VR platforms. Two players (possible to play versus CPU) fight each others with projectiles and spells to change the fate of the battle.

There are very few better experiences than beating your friend in a one-on-one wizarding duel in virtual reality. It is one of the main strengths of  this  one to one VR multiplayer. Magic dueling games and virtual reality are  a potent mix, that much is evident. There is no single player combat in this game other than  a few tutorials to get you acquainted with the controls, but that is about it. Without people to play with, InVokeR won’t be as fun, though.

Do not be mistaken in thinking this is a simple game, though. It looks simple and the controls are easy to get used to, but you won’t win every wizard duel without some effort. Players are in your face the entire time, which means timing is of the utmost importance.


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