New address
Mladost 1, Nikola Genadiev 5G
Сpacious halls
More than 200 sq.m. playground area
New interior design
Entirelly renewed design in partnership with Studio Gargamel and 3DEA
New equipment
Renewed racing corner in partnership with RSeat
More VR stations
Great new VR stations thanks to Vali Computers
and more
Soon for our little guests, Nintendo Labo


  • Make your birthday special.
  • Team up and play with your colleagues. Excite and challenge together with different and always changing virtual playground environment.
  • Or just have fun!

You are welcome in Seats must be booked in advance.

We have the capacity of 25 people. Our Hi-Fi system is awesome and you can really dive into another world here!

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Virtual reality

Have you ever wandered how you can put your sences to the limit?

We are offering unique entertaiment and opportunity to explore and feel another world. You can discover a lot of new emotions, activities and rush of adrenaline. Here you will find the latest and diverse content for Virtual Reality from all walks of life: entertainment, science, tourism, sports, culture and arts.

Think what situation would like to find yourself, profession to practice, or corner of the universe you want to go. Share with us and we can propose the best game for you!

Enjoy the time with, Escape reality Sofia is the first VR escape room Sofia, published on the VRNISH catalogue


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During the time in the “parallel” reality, you can enjoy a refreshing drink, toning coffee and other temptations from our bar! And for parents and pets we offer a summer terrace, while the little ones have fun.


Tournaments at are in collaboration with

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